Russia-Ukraine war news: U.S. denies Russian accusation of role in drone plot

U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby on Thursday strenuously denied Russian allegations that Washington played a role in explosions at the Kremlin the day before.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier Thursday that the United States and Ukraine’s denials of involvement — in what Moscow alleged was a drone attack on the Kremlin targeting the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin — were “absolutely ridiculous.” Decisions “about such terrorist attacks are made not in Kyiv, but in Washington, and Kyiv does what it is told,” Peskov said.

“One thing I can tell you for certain is that the United States was not involved in this incident in any way, contrary to Mr. Peskov’s lies,” Kirby told reporters Thursday. “We’re still looking at this. We haven’t come to any conclusions,” he said, adding that Russia had shown it didn’t need “pretexts” for attacking Ukraine.

Here’s the latest on the war and its ripple effects across the globe.

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Without discussing specifics about the classified material appearing on the Discord social media platform, Blinken said assessments of Ukraine’s military capability “reflected a particular point in time,” which he added was not “static.”

Karen DeYoung and David L. Stern contributed to this report.

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